AIBO Planning Committee

Building Subcommittee

Michael Granne, City of Eagan
Daniel (DJ) Hennessey, City of Maple Grove
David Hoban, City of Minneapolis
Chad Payment, State of Minnesota
Daniel Pederson, City of Minneapolis
Liz Riel, City of Minneapolis
Andy Schreder, Rum River Construction Consultants
Ryan Smith, City of Columbia Heights
Clint Zane, City of Saint Paul
Eric Tessman, City of Chanhassen
Steve Thorp, University of Minnesota

Electrical Subcommittee

Dean Hunter, State of Minnesota
Marty Kumm, State of Minnesota
Dan Moynihan, City of Saint Paul
Trevor Turek, Minneapolis Electrical JATC
John Williamson, State of Minnesota

Elevator Subcommittee

Larry Fogleson, State of Minnesota
Patrick Johnson, State of Minnesota
Todd King, State of Minnesota
Dennis Stocke, Van Deusen & Associates

Fire Subcommittee

Natalie Buckman, Summit Companies
Scott Segner, Summit Companies
Cary Smith, City of Saint Louis Park

Housing Subcommittee

Shelonda Marie-Alves, City of West Saint Paul
Ben Pierson, City of Apple Valley
Michael Pivec, City of Saint Louis Park

Mechanical Subcommittee

Tim Daugherty, City of Minneapolis
Aaron Havlicek, City of Saint Paul
Jerry McKenzie, City of Saint Paul
Andy Woitel, City of Minneapolis

Plumbing Subcommittee

David Skallet, City of Saint Louis Park
Kara Topper, State of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Coordinators

Kristi Fischer, Program Director
Maddie Grover, Program Associate
Erin Cargill, Suzanne Butler, Program Administrative Specialists